Blatant (born Nicholas Benjamin Ashely) started wrestling in the KWS late 2001 and continued through to late 2003. He made his debut match against Finnimijig and lost due to being hit with a chair. Blatant was more of a coward than most wrestlers, and usually only ever won a match by cheating or using weapons on unsuspecting opponents.


Blatant was beaten up backstage in 2002 by Sladen Dead after he cost Sladen a match several times. Sladen and Blatant were not very close in the KWS despite supposedly being friendly in personal life. Blatant and Sladen never saw each other again after 2003, with the exception of a breif couple of meetings in 2007.

Blatant had a rivalry with Bvender in 2002 which elevated over time and ended up with the two having a submission only match. Blatant won, and Bvender suffered severe injury to his right leg.

Blatant also had a rivalry with Lee Marson, which would later go on to new heights.

Signatures and FinishersEdit

  • Blatant's signature move was the Clothesline.
  • Blatant's finishing move was the Stunner.