Bugbear is the wrestler who once went by the name of Sladen Dead. It was in late 2009 (early October) when Bugbear made his first appearance on the WWC.


Bugbear claims to be the creature that haunts people at night, kidnaps wicked children and adults and takes them back to his world where he feasts upon them. Although Bugbear has yet to feature in a match, he has been lurking around the WWC stadiums and arenas making his presence known to all. Bugbear has struck fear into the hearts of both fans and wrestlers without even having to participte in a match with his mindgames. It is announced that Bugbear will feature in his first match on October 23rd 2009.


It has also been confirmed that Bugbear will release a record under this name.


  • TBC


  • Bugbear is the Boogyman of WWC.