Chuckles the Clown, 2000

Chuckles the Clown is a sick, twisted wrestler. He enjoys playing nasty tricks on kids and is known to eat them. His real name never revealed, he was one of the most feared wrestlers of the WWC for roughly three years before his retirment.


Chuckles debuted in early 2000, putting his first opponent in hospital within the first 10 minutes of the match. Chuckles showed no remorse to his opponents and only cared about winning. This attitude might be scary, but clearly paid off as he won both the WWC IC Championship and the WWC World Heavyweight Title.

In 2001 Chuckles competed for the WWC Hardcore Championship against The Geek which ended rather badly. The Geek was concussed and the match was cancelled by the WWC officials. Chuckles lost his championship chance because of this and blamed The Geek for it, which resulted in Chuckles paying The Geek a personal visit at hospital and beating him in the head for about two minutes before leaving him to die in a pool of his own blood. Chuckles was arrested for this but was released as The Geek did not die, and the WWC Officials payed for his release as they wanted Chuckles back on the show to boost ratings.