Happy Vim 2010

Happy Vim is the clown alter ego of Sladen Dead, and is quite possibly his most fearful. Happy Vim is a sick, twisted clown with a very gothic sense of humour. He first appeared in 2004 in a match against Key Grip. Happy Vim got his reputation as a scary clown during this match when he beat Key Grip into a bloody pulp, and continued the assault merely for pleasure rather than going for the pin fall in a match that he had clearly won.


Happy Vim is known to be a Wiccan, and is apparently a real life Witch. Happy Vim is part of the wiccan coven "MCD", aka Mad Clown Disease.

In late 2009, Happy Vim entered two triple threat matches, with the same competitors, first was a TLC match and second was a normal match, only to be teamed up on and beaten down. He still fought back the best he could but was angry that they were both teaming up on him instead of following the rules. Later when interviewd, Vim simply said "They got some nice wins. Too bad it took two of them to pull it off. I was outnumbered and I still handed out the damage before losing. They can bring it on one on one anytime they want to get the beating they deserve. Neither one could take me one on one without their boyfriends assistance. I guess that shows how whack they really are."

Happy Vim is considered very dangerous by his opponents and therefore often teamed up on in order to take him out quikly. Vim is a high flyer and a brawler, and is able to perform some incredible sentons and turnbuckle manouvers. Often Vim will risk his own safety just to take out his opponent. Vim has no fear of leaping off of rooftops and scafoldings without safety nets at all.

Legendary MatchesEdit


Happy Vim in his more "traditional" attire.

  • Happy Vim VS Key Grip - 2004
  • Happy Vim VS Gruendler - 2008



  • Happy Vim also releases hip-hop and punk records under this name.
  • Happy Vim is one half of the horror rap group/wrestling faction Psycho Clown Brothers.
  • Happy Vim is in love with 1960's actress Annette Andre.
  • Happy Vim is married to his sister Alba.