Peter Paul Horton

Peter Horton. R.I.P

Peter Paul Horton was a WWC wrestler most notable for his outstanding oldschool style of English wrestling. He made his debut match 1999 and his last match in 2000. Loved by his fans for being both a great wrestler and person, Peter Horton tragically died in 2000 from a hit and run.


In his wrestling career, Peter Horton gained a huge following in just a very short time. Within 6 months, Peter had a huge following of fans who respected him for his amazing oldschool wrestling techniques, using throws that very few wrestlers would be able to pull off quite as well as Peter. Most notable was his two on one match against personal friends Daddy Mack and The Aracna, which he amazingly won. Since his death, Peter~s matches are still some of the most popular of the WWC, even today.