Smiler 3

Smiler makes his way to the ring

Smiler (born Simon Richmond) was a KWS and WWC wrestler, and one of the most recognised, mainly for the legendary Smiler VS Sladen Dead matches. Smiler is now retired from the world of wrestling, since he left both KWS and WWC in 2002 and started up a new life in Texas.


Smiler was one of the leading KWS superstars for a long time, but also one of the most injured. Smiler had his first match in 2000 against Sladen Dead (who was under management of Fluffy at the time), and Smiler did well. The match had no winner, and by time up it was considered a draw. However, over time, Smiler and Sladen started to get a rivalry, which led to literally, hundreds of brutal hardcore matches between the two.

Smiler had one of his ribs broken by a senton splash performed by Sladen Dead from a table, which caused Smiler to be out of action for a while. Also, in an extreme rules death match against Sladen, Smiler had his nose broken, and was bleeding everywhere before being hit across the face with a steel pipe and being concussed for over an hour. Officials feared that Smiler may have died, but he didn't. Another legendary Smiler VS Sladen match, would be the 2000 KWS Royal Rumble, when Smiler started of in a one on one match against Sladen, as each new wrestler came down to the match only to team up on Smiler. He had roughly 30 people kicking him in the head, not to mention being hit over the head by a dustbin by Fluffy. Due to this, Sladen and Smiler were both DQ'd from the Royal Rumble, and neither of them won.

Signatures and FinishersEdit

  • Smiler's signaure move was The People's Elbow.
  • Smiler's Finisher was The Rock Bottom.


  • Smiler was the tallest wrestler in the KWS.
  • Smiler was often rumoured to be homosexual.
  • Smiler was sometimes known as DJ Smiler, Simon Richmond and Simon Richman.