The Aracna 2006

The Aracna, 2005.

The Aracna (born Anthony Webber) is a WWC wrestler since 1999. He has been loyal to the WWC and has never worked for any other brands of wrestling. He made his debut WWC match in late 1999 against Buer, and won the match by submission.


The Aracna has been wrestling for a long time, and in his time, has had matches with Daddy Mack, Chris Maynard, Hacksaw and OBE MBE, not to mention countless others. The Aracna is also the record holder for the longest time being in possession of the IC Championship belt.

Signatures and FinishersEdit

  • The Aracna's signature move is the Head Lock.
  • The Aracna's signature move is the Step Over Leg Lock.